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Author Interview: Linh Nguyen-Ng

May 28, 2017

Linh Nguyen-NgLinh Nguyen-NgThis is the eighth interview in my series of Author Interviews.

Pull up a chair, sit back and relax. Enjoy reading.

Introducing Linh Nguyen-Ng, author of MOMMY’S LITTLE WORDINGS.

Excitedly I sit on the grass and look over the gorgeous parkland around me. Trees bursting with green create a canopy over my head. I hear giggles in the distance and look up. Two gorgeous children run in circles with wild abandon, mouths wide with pleasure. I can practically see the sunbeams flashing in their eyes. Strangely. Everything around me is made of words. I can read everything.

I wave madly to the figure approaching.

Hi Linh!!

Hi Laurie!

Thank you so much for having me.

It’s great to catch up again! I really really want to talk about your picture book and how gorgeous it is but first… tell me. What is a normal day like for you?

Like most people, I wish there were more hours in a day. I have two toddlers and work fulltime. On weekdays, I’m usually up at 4am to avoid the horrendous highway traffic into work. During the long drive, I brainstorm. I think about my stories, my characters, and my plot. Sometimes, plot holes are revealed. Sometimes an exciting scene emerges in my head. I cherish that quiet time to myself.

4am? Oh my gosh… I’m not sure I could manage that! How important is time management to writing?

I think it’s very important to set aside time to write. It’s difficult when you have a fulltime job. For me, I write either really early in the morning or at night when my kids are in bed.  If you can dedicate at least thirty minutes each day to your writing, I think that’s a good start. The idea is to keep the momentum going. Baby steps are ok, as long as they take you to your destination, right?

Agreed! (I use my train trip into work… ) So, when did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I have always loved words. Even as a child. But I never took it seriously. As I grew up, writing made me happy spiritually, so I began pursuing that dream.

Do you find it hard to write in different genres?

No, I actually enjoy the different mindset for the various genres. Writing for children gives me sense of childhood wonder that’s precious. Writing for adults creates a new sense of wonder that’s deep and overwhelming. I love them all.

What are your favorite types of books to read?

For now, it’s fantasy, mystery, and suspense/thriller. For picture books, I read as many as I can get my hands on. They’re all so unique.

Where did you get the idea for your picture book, MOMMY’S LITTLE WORDLINGS?

My inspiration was my kids. I was a new mom, experiencing a new territory. And that gave me unique ideas to play with.

Was it difficult matching words to the illustrations?

I think that depends on the book. For this one, it wasn’t as difficult for me as some of my other works. I enjoy the challenge of matching the correct words with the appropriate illustrations.

Do you consider yourself more of a writer or an illustrator?

I love to write because as I write I see images unfold like a movie. As I sketch, the story unravels differently in my head. For now, I think I’m more of a writer, simply because I’m currently doing more of that.

What is your most frustrating part of being a writer?

In the beginning it was carving out time to write. Now that I have a regular routine, it’s been easier. My new frustration is learning to streamline. Sometimes having too many ideas float in your head is not beneficial when you’re writing a novel, especially if you don’t follow an outline. Things can get messy and all over the place. Now I make outlines for everything. They’re flexible outlines, enough to give me guidance but also allow room for creativity.

Haha, yes I find myself shouting at ideas to settle down and give me a break! Any advice for someone who is pre-published?

Keep writing what you love. When you love something, it will show in your work. Somehow that love-infused work will find its way to the right publisher one way or another.

Writing is still hard after you’ve published a book. You don’t know when the next will be sold.


Write what you love, leave the rest to the Universe. 🙂

Thank you so much for your time, Linh. Gosh, it’s been sooo fantastic chatting with you. Now you’d better get after those little monsters… I mean angels. They are certainly having a good time.

I wave to the adorable little faces and to Linh who has somehow managed to corral them and lead them off home. Then I spend some time just reading the world around me. What a lovely gift.

Buy this book… It is sooo gorgeous. Children and parents alike will love its gentle messages, and inspired artwork.

About the book

Little words hold big meanings. The Little Wordlings are children who use their simple words to express their feelings for loved ones. No one is more adored than the first person who made them smile. No one is more cherished than the person who gave them life. There is no one like Mommy. Join the Little Wordlings as they show Mommy how much she is appreciated and loved.

You can find Linh at the following and Mommys Little Wordlings at the following


Twitter: @linhnguyenng




My review of Linh’s book can be found here

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