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Review: The Recalcitrant Project by Lauren Lynne

May 28, 2017

Review: The Recalcitrant Project by Lauren Lynne

About the Book:

When Elise Andrek becomes suspicious that she is being used by the government to design a game which mimics real-life scenarios depicting the eradication of those unwanted populations the government deems underworlders, her world is turned inside out.

Her worst fears are confirmed when she realizes she is responsible for the success of the government’s mass murder of most of her graduating class. In the midst of the tragedy, Elise uncovers a nationwide conspiracy that reveals her class is just the beginning.

After escaping the murderous graduation trials, she becomes a fugitive on the run, caught between an unforgiving regime and a rising faction of resistance known as the Recalcitrants. Things become even more complicated when Bren, the only boy she has ever had serious eyes for, tries to rescue her, and she’s not sure he can be trusted.

As the program she designed begins going online, more graduating classes are marked for extermination. Elise must survive this harsh new world and somehow infiltrate the government’s military-protected servers and take the program offline. No matter how close she gets, no matter how much she tries to protect her friends, or the boy she wants for herself, the risks are high—the consequences even higher.

In a world that is not just possible, but likely, Lauren Lynne establishes herself as a leader among a new generation of dystopian fiction incorporating life-altering decisions, treacherous betrayals, and romance that gives us hope.


My Thoughts:

I really love this book. I am a big fan of Lauren’s work, and this new foray into Dystopian sci fi is a terrific move for her.

Full of technological horrors and governmental controls, Recalcitrant is a terrific and terrifying dystopian tale of YA innocence turned to strength through determination. Elise is thrown into the dark test she helped to create. A hero of circumstance (with only a little foreknowledge from her experience in building the game) she may well be the only survivor. But that only starts her trip to hell. A race to escape the clutches of the government forces sent to capture her Author Lauren Lynne gives us a detailed breakdown of Elise’s capture and the horrors she suffers inside the prison for political “recalcitrants.” Elise is a reluctant hero who has a personal stake in stopping the game from going live. She must find a way to escape, before all hope is lost.

Full of tension, suspense and horrific events. Lauren Lynne has painted a believable world, (a little too much so at times) and of what can happen, if controls are not put into place to stop power hungry people forcing the world into their own image. This is a story of control and the lack of it. Of what can happen when people try to control the lives of others. And of the bravery of one young woman who finds the strength to keep on going.

This is also a story of how to find hope in the dark. And of how to keep fighting when all hope is lost.

There is a love story here too. Elise and Bren, along with their friends and potential friends must fight to survive and escape. Elise is a strong young woman put through hell. Bren is a caring young man with a mission. Together they find there is something to hope for, something to fight for. Each other.

A terrific read. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


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