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Stories (Friday Fictioneers)

June 1, 2017

“What are they, mum?” I stare, transfixed. The eyes seem to stare right back at me. It was creepy.


“Doll’s don’t look like that… that one’s naked.”

“It’s a human doll, sweetie.”

“What’s a human?”

“They were here before us, hon.”

I burst out laughing. “No, be serious. No one was here before us.”

“Don’t believe all the stories you are told. Earth was full of humans… Once.”

I don’t think she’s telling me the truth, but there’s a strange look in her eye. I laugh it off and scratch at the downy fur covering my body. “Silly, Mummy.”



This is a Friday Fictioneers prompt

Word count: 100


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From → Prompt

  1. Life may be only one stage in the evolution of matter

  2. Oh, good one. Loved reading it. Wonder what species she is? I like to think bear, but them, I’m a bit partial to that one. hehehe. Loved the story. ❤

  3. Begs the question of what happened to the humans – natural evolution or something more sinister…?

  4. Dear Laurie,

    Will she name the human doll Bright Eyes? This reminded me so much of Planet of the Apes. A favorite of mine…not the sequels…just the first one with Charlton Heston. Very enjoyable story.



  5. Super story. Thanks, Laurie

  6. So the critters evolve after we leave. Hope they treat the planet better than we have.

  7. I wonder what they would have made of a Barbie doll had they found one? Delightfully different.
    Cast Aside – a very short story

  8. Good one. The downy fur was a perfect ending 🙂

  9. michael1148humphris permalink

    Sadly that is what may occur if we do not get our act together

  10. At least something survives us. :o)

  11. You know… we were not the first here and at the rate we’re going, we won’t be the last…
    Great take!

  12. I liked this, especially how humans appear so ridiculous they couldn’t possibly have existed

  13. I love how you told this story. Right up my alley this one!

  14. Love it. So the earth is now populated by furry bear like creatures? Did they eat the humans? 😉 Great set up leaving us to wonder…

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