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Don’t stare for long (Friday Fictioneers)

July 13, 2017

I loved to stare at Grandma’s jar.

She said it was a very special jar. She called it the Jar of Souls.

It sounded mysterious and magical.

Everyone I ever asked said it was poppycock or balderdash.

But I remember Grandma’s eyes when she talked about it. The hush in her voice, the constellations in her gaze.


Whenever I got the chance, I stared at the jar.


Now, I wish I could get out.

One day I will. I feel my power growing.

Grandma stares into the jar.

Can she feel me glaring back? I know she does.

I wait.


This is  Friday Fictioneers prompt

Word count: 100


  1. Dear Laurie,

    I really like ‘constellations in her eyes.’ Intriguing tale that leaves me feeling there’s more story here. Well done.



  2. I bet Grandma was once trapped in the jar too

  3. I’m worried now – need to go and check my jar of marmalade. You never know!

    Please click to read my FriFic

  4. I feel Grandma could have given her a bit of warning! Liked the mix of the magical with the matter-of-fact telling.

  5. I was kicking back ready for a story about grandma’s jar. Of course, I should have known. Nice job Laurie.

  6. That grandma was not a very nice one…,

    • Thank you Bjorn. Yes quite evil…
      Or is she…
      Maybe she is protecting her? I like to think she is a nasty one

  7. i enjoyed this snip-it that could easily be in a chapter of a story!

  8. Oh, not a grandmother I would want. Creepy, this! And well done.

  9. Grandma should have known better to have warned the child. Well written, Laurie. Cheers, Varad

  10. What a fabulous tale! It’s a great tale in itself, and then it opens so many possibilities…I don’t think Grandma was wicked. She had a task to carry out, and needed a successor. When the granddaughter breaks out, she will find that no time has elapsed in our world, and grandma is lying dead on the floor. The girl will have responsibility for the souls. Do you mind if I steal the concept? Seriously?

    • Wow! Totally… go for it 😆 i love your interptetation of what i hinted at. Seriously… i want to read your version 😉

  11. Wow this is really imaginative with a number possibilities – very well done 🙂

  12. Sarah Ann permalink

    I can imagine there will be sparks flying when she gets out. It sounds as if there is battle of strong wills to come.

  13. Life Lessons of a Dog Lover permalink

    Whoa, I did not expect that ending. Very creative take on the prompt.

  14. Grandma had a hold on things. Fun and intriguing story leaving us with a want for more.
    Isadora 😎

  15. This is brilliant. Wouldn’t it be awesome if our characters were in the same story… I love this x

    • I know… I actually thought yours was from Grandma’s POV magically at the same time mines was from the kid’s…. cool and a little creepy!

  16. gahlearner permalink

    Oooh, this is fun. Maybe grandma has to die before the MC can get out.

  17. The back story in this is absolutely fascinating. Well done.

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