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Don’t answer (Friday Fictioneers)

July 27, 2017

Everyday I passed the phone.

Everyday on my way to work, I would glance toward it but not really see it. After all, no one used them anymore. The chip in my wrist connected to the one in my head. Instant connection, so to speak.

One day I looked at the phone as I passed and really looked at it. Why was it even still there?

I promptly forgot about it.

Until the day… the day… it rang.


I still don’t know what spurred me to pick it up.


“Hello Jane. Welcome back.”

And that… was when everything changed.



This is a Friday Fictioneers Prompt

word count: 100

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  1. Frustratingly mysterious. You have to write more of this, Laurie

    • Thank you Neil. Yes I didn’t really close this one off because it seemed to have a life of its own. I might indeed write more

  2. That moment, that moment when everything changes.

  3. With so few words, I covet the rest of the story. Well done flash. Glad I found your site.

    • Thank you!!!! I hope you enjoy them. I love 100 prompts and flas fic. Welcome I’m glad you’re reading!

  4. Dear Laurie,

    I’m intrigued. This feels like the beginning of a much longer piece. Well done.



    • I know, a bit naughty. I usually try to close it off but this one had soooo much going on. 😊 i wanted to write more. Pesky 100 limit! 😉

  5. I agree, more please. Jane sounds like a character whose story I would like to follow.

    • Wow thanks Iain… yes the plot is evolving quickly for me. I think i will write more!
      As long as i don’t answer the phone first

  6. The last pay phone I picked up was located in the town of Intercourse, Pa. Outside of the Zimmerman’s hardware store made famous in the movie “Witness”. I couldn’t make a call, even though I wanted to, because I don’t tote around coins.

    Where DID all the pay phones go to? I would like one.

  7. Nicely done, by the way. 🙂

  8. do do do do.. picture if you will… 🙂 well done!

  9. Good one, Jane.

  10. Left purposefully ambiguous. Makes me want to ask for more. So I shall…

  11. I’m left wondering where she’s being welcomed back to, or from. Intriguing set up.

  12. Ooooo–back to the future? The past? Really great story!

  13. I wonder whether her recognition of the voice, and the urge to answer the phone might be prompted by the chips in her wrist and her head? And what shadowy organisation she belongs to? And whether she’s just completed a mission without knowing it? Or whether she’s a ‘sleeper’ who’s just been activated for a mission? So many possibilities, and only one Laurie to write about them! Well done, Laurie. We’re all hanging on your words!

    • Thank you Penny!! What a lovely thing to say! Yes sooooo many ideas. I really have so much coming out of this one 😁 the hint certainly lies with the call

  14. Dale permalink

    Oh Laurie! That was great. You’ve left each and every one of us wanting more!
    Well done!

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