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Review: Damnation by Peter McLean

July 31, 2017

Damnation by Peter McLean (A Burned Man Novel) Book three

About the book:

Don Drake is living rough in a sink estate on the outskirts of Edinburgh, doing cheap spells for even cheaper customers while fending off the local lowlifes. Six months ago, Don fled from London to Glasgow to track down his old girlfriend Debbie the alchemist. With the Burned Man gradually driving him mad, Don meets with an ancient and mysterious tramp-slash-magician, with disastrous consequences. Now his old accomplices must step in to save Don from himself, before he damns himself for good this time.

My thoughts:

Oh poor Don-boy. Just when you think things haven’t entirely gone to crap… Okay well, yes, Poor decisions thy name is Drake. To be fair, this time he IS trying to protect Trixie. From himself. Of course, she doesn’t need his help, or his protection. At least she doesn’t think so and her fiery blade does support that argument. In Damnation, Drake has run away from his new boss and his guardian, as well as the voice in his head. But running can never solve your problems, only delay the inevitable. And when Trixie finds him, Drake is going to need all the help he can get… Because his new boss wants him to do a job for her. And it’s one that he may very well have to refuse.

And no one refuses Her.

Book three continues Don Drake’s story into his own soul. Author Peter McLean has created such a detailed world and deep characterization that it takes no time at all to fall into Damnation and be carried down into the depths with Drake. The language is just a nasty as in the previous two books so if you are a little delicate perhaps think twice about reading, if however, you have no problem with rough and nasty language then dive right in. Peter has created such believable characters that it is easy to believe the magical underworld of London and Scotland truly do exist. A terrific story, one that I read in only a week. And I still love Trixie. She is such a fabulous secondary character. A foil to Drake in many ways, she could be his conscious if she could be bothered. I’m with her, TV and coffee in between beheading demons (not the cigarette’s though – that’s icky.)

All I can say is, there had better be a book four coming in the future!


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