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Review: Halloween Games: Terrifying Tales of Young Adult Horror by D.C. McGannon

October 13, 2017

About the Book

“Halloween Games: Terrifying Tales of Young Adult Horror” is a new collection of short stories by best-selling author D.C. McGannon.

“Personally, I love a good, simple ghost story and that’s precisely what I’ve attempted to capture here.” -D.C. McGannon

“Into The Mirror,” “Halloween Games,” & “The House on Fireside Hill” are the three original, terrifying tales that comprise this collection.

“Into The Mirror”

Leighton has had enough of bad luck. She intends to make her own luck, and she plans on escaping small town life while she’s at it. However, she may have crossed the line and dabbled too much with the dark. She chases a local legend about a woman named Maria and her mirror, as her friends track Leighton down and try to stop her from completing an age-old ritual before it’s too late. Will they get to her before she makes the ultimate sacrifice?

“Halloween Games”

Halloween is a festive time of costumes, parties, and friends. At least that’s what it’s supposed to be. A group of friends discover that playing games with the dark can lead to sinister places with deadly consequences. A mysterious new student at school causes a stir when he invites this group of friends to his own Halloween party, where the stakes are high, and the results could be permanent. Or is it all just a game?

“The House on Fireside Hill”

A town with a tortured past. A house with a burning secret. A strange visitor selling tickets to his own haunted tour of the house on Fireside Hill. What could possibly go wrong? Seth and Cindy are the center of the strange visitor’s attention as he attempts to lure them into joining him for a private tour of the ominous house on Halloween night. What happens next reveals the truth about the town’s dark secrets and changes the lives of Seth and Cindy … forever.

However, these stories aren’t just for Halloween. They are for anytime you love a good ghost story. So, turn down the lights, light a candle, and curl up with a terrifying tale!


My thoughts


Okay, so I am not a HUGE horror fan, (depends on the circumstances) BUT… I really really enjoyed these tales.

Three short stories that are perfect for a train ride home or a bus trip to school camp, or if you have only limited time to read between feeding children or before the kiddies wake up. These YA tales are a great mix of scare, old fashioned creepy mystery and friendships to last a life time. All set in the same town and feature a familiar face through each.

But perhaps… don’t read before bedtime 🙂

Unless you want to?

I love a good old fashioned scary story, and these are the perfect tales for reading around a campfire, with a group of friends. Or on Halloween. YES it was released on Halloween!

I admit, the last tale was my favorite. It’s the spooky dead-eyed monotone whispering child that creeps me out every time! (Yes Dr Who I am looking at you!)

If you like a scare, or just want something to keep you entertained for a short while, grab these tales! And don’t look in the mirror.




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