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Words have power (Friday Fictioneers)

October 19, 2017

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook


I froze, my mouth dropping open as I stared up into the familiar branches. I knew this tree, I knew this house. My eyes drank in every shadow, every wood knot, every curl of bark.

My request still haunts me. The day I’d wished to be human.

I didn’t know it’d come true. It was a silly wish, spoken in haste and anger.

Those first days were a blur. I’d woken in a human hospital. Lost. Homeless. Friendless.

I crept up to press my hand against the wood. Only silence.


My decision still haunts me. I can’t ever go back.



This is a Friday Fictioneers Prompt

Word Count: 100


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  1. Great atmosphere

  2. What were they before? I’m imagining some sort of fairy or sprite based on the tree prompt, but I guess it could be a vampire or werewolf tale too. Intriguing.

    • Aha! Interesting question. Could nw anything true but yes I was picturing a fairy or wood sprite

  3. What an interesting take on the picture. I’m assuming they were the tree?

  4. Moon permalink

    The spirit of the tree turned human?
    Very nicely done, Laurie.

  5. I wonder what the person thought of the wood products made from a tree. Good job, Laurie

  6. michael1148humphris permalink

    It is true one should always be careful what one wishes for. Lovely take on the prompt

  7. Oh my word. Was he a tree? Who granted his wish? This is a wonderful start for what could be a most interesting tale.

  8. Be careful what you wish for! Delightful Laurie
    Click to read my FriFic!

  9. Dear Laurie,

    I wasn’t sure what kind of being this was but didn’t think it was the tree. Tree sprite or fairy makes sense. Such a bleak and sad ending. Well done.



    • Yes. I think i was going with fairy or sprite as a symbol of growing up. You can never be a kid again. It is sad. Change is not always what you want. Thanks for reading!

  10. I almost went the way of the fairies with this prompt. Glad I didn’t. You did a nice job, except the poor little creature can’t go home again.

  11. Poor creature – be very careful what you wish for.

    • Yes very Liz. Once we grow up we cant go back to being a child. This poor fairy. She gave up so much without even knowing it.

  12. Interesting take.

  13. This brings back the memory of reading Narnia, and the dryads there… what a thought that you can become human… this also connects back to the original version of the little mermaid

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