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Tick Tock (Friday Fictioneers)

November 23, 2017


The noise. I couldn’t stand the noise. Constant, never ending pounding at my brain the way her words twisted metaphorical knives beneath my skin, (though her nasty utterances could cut as deep as an actual blade.)

Leaving me her beloved clock was a way to continue her harassment into perpetuity.

I don’t know why I bought it home. It went straight into the closet – to be forgotten, as I wished she could be.

Some nights, I could hear it though the walls, vibrating the floorboards, rattling the door.


I hope a blazing fire will bring an end to my anguish.



This is a Friday Fictioneers Prompt

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  1. She’s a pork pie short of a picnic. I love it

  2. They could just throw the clock away, interesting that despite their complaints they still hold on to that memory. Good work.

  3. Moon permalink

    Superbly written, Laurie. I wish him peace.

  4. I think she needs to chuck it out. Nice piece.

  5. Dear Laurie,

    It seems to me that hauling it off to the dump might have been a saner choice. But methinks that’s the point. Her clock has struck 13, no? Good one.



    • Yes!! Exactly Rochelle. And there is a strange sadness. She hated her and yet it belonged to her mother…

  6. Excellent, Laurie. A fire indeed.

  7. Well a fire would do the trick, I guess.

  8. Parents can do such damage. You portray clearly the emotional grip that the mother has over her daughter, a grip so strong that even death can’t break it.
    “though her nasty utterances could cut as deep as an actual blade.’ I once knew a woman whose parents did this to her. It was horrible to watch, and you could see the effect on her life.
    That’s a strong piece, Laurie, well done!

    • Thank you Penny. Yes i think the pain caused by someone who loves us can be so life altering. We grow up hearing that voice and the meaning behind it. It shapes who we are. For ill in this case

  9. Dump the damn thing – ar at least stop winding it.

  10. This poses so many questions. The bond must be very strong if they continue to keep that clock.

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

  11. Even fire cannot destroy an eternal timepiece. Plan B?
    Click to read my FriFic!

  12. Dale permalink

    When she is ready to bust that clock, she’ll also be ready to move forward.

  13. Sarah Ann permalink

    That is one invasive clock. I hope only it goes in the flames and not the whole house.

    • I think the bonfire will be outside. But yes its not so much the clock as the memories it holds

  14. This has an Edgar Alan Poe feeling about it. Excellent tension.

  15. I agree with Penny … parents are always present. Don’t know if it matters if she get rid of the clock.

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