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Turn it over and look sideways (Friday Fictioneers)

January 4, 2018

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot


The museum was full of wonders I’d never seen. The curator took one look at me and shooed the robotic assistant away. “Walk with me, my child.”

We wandered for a while in silence. She didn’t speak. At last I turned to her. “What am I looking at?” The room around us was full of filmy white webs.

“What do you see?”

I bit back a sigh. Terrible. “Cocoons?”

“Inevitability. Decay. Death. Transport. Life. Transmutation. Survival.”

I looked again. My gaze became lost in the display.

I blinked. The curator was gone, and darkness had fallen.


I returned home changed.


This is a Friday Fictioneers Prompt

word count: 100


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  1. Beautifully atmospheric and wistful, Laurie

  2. Sometimes it just needs a second viewpoint. Well done.

  3. I would run for my life after such an experience… change is not enough

  4. Changed into what I wonder! Beautifully written Laurie.

  5. They say some pieces have the power to transform us. Case in point here. Well done!

  6. Changed rof good or evil? This is beautiful but deadly.

  7. Well done, Lauren.

  8. Strange and beautiful. The viewpoint is delightfully vivid. 🙂

  9. Dear Laurie,

    I wonder how she’s changed. I love that you saw cocoons and transformation in the photo. Imaginative take. Thoreau is smiling and so am I.



  10. Atmospheric and mysterious. I now need to know more about her 🙂

  11. Intriguing. You’ve left us all wondering! Nice one Laurie

    Click to read my FriFic!

  12. Sarah Ann permalink

    I wonder if the curator has provided a lighter set of words – Life. Growth. Renewal etc – the view would have ben different and your narrator left changed in a different way.

    • hmmmmmmmmm yes indeed. I think perhaps the change could be directed depending on the word choice, so what does that say about the curator?

  13. I am so impressed with those of you who actually saw art and meaning in this prompt. Apparently my mind just doesn’t work this way.

  14. I’d be upset if a curator suddenly vanished. Unnerved too. The sideways view is original, thanks Laurie.

  15. Now that’s a take on the prompt that I really like! At last a piece about the transformative effect of conceptual art! There’s definitely BS out there, but good pieces are life-changing. Well done for writing a story that tells us this so eloquently!

    • Thank you Penny! I think how we see art and what we take away from it is entirely up to us and what it means to us personally but hey sometimes hearing thoughts from an outside perspective can help too. I think it is super important!

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