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The Story – Chapter 169

January 11, 2018

Woah, woah, woah

Okay hang on a minute…

It’s been over a year since the last post of The Story, and that is, to put it simply, terrible.

So what we need is a recap;

The Story is an ongoing BLOG fantasy about a girl who is thrown into (well, lets face it, she chooses this adventure) a strange world full of dragons, fairies, ogres, mermaids a troll hunter, battles and searches for mysterious objects. There is even a witch and a ghost! Bella seems to get into endless trouble but thankfully she is also able to get herself OUT of endless trouble.


You know… read The Story again… HERE

So, another recap… the last chapter had Bella trying to figure out what to do next (go back and stop the witch, find Herman the troll hunter or find a way to get home) She went back to face the witch and stepped into the dark forest…


Darkness surrounded me but bravely, I kept walking.

And tripped over.

It was to be expected given I couldn’t even see my hand in front of my face yet it still came as a shock when I hit the ground hard. The scent of damp dirt filled my nostrils and grit dug in under my nails. Gross. Was it worth climbing to my feet to keep going? I could call out for help but that could lead to all sorts of trouble. I couldn’t hear a thing over the sound of my own heart beating. I needed a light.

Fumbling with my pockets I found nothing useful. I slapped my hands back into the dirt. Nothing for it then. I climbed back to my feet and shuffled forward waving my hands around in front of my body. When I didn’t immediately hit anything I kept going.

Inch by inch.

A scream shattered the silence.

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  1. Whoa is right. That scream got me. Don’t make us wait a year.

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