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The Story – Chapter 170

January 12, 2018

I froze. The scream had sounded as though it came from somewhere to my left. Was that? Yes… the faintest of glows illuminated the neverending dark of the forest. Question was, do I go in that direction? That scream had sounded… well, my skin still tingled. The hairs were standing at attention on the back of my neck. I crept forward.

With ever tentative step the glow grew brighter. Still no other sound reached my ears over the pounding in my chest. No birds tweeting, no animal cry, no breeze to shift the branches above my head.

I froze and tilted my head. Is that? Trickling drips sounded somewhere off in front of me, a river perhaps

…and then a hiss.



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  1. A HISS? Oh great. That is just what we need now. Loving it Laurie.

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