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The Story – Chapter 171

January 16, 2018

…and then a hiss

that sounded an awful lot like a snake. I’d made my decision so there was nothing for it but to keep going. I straightened my back and pushed through the bushes. The water sound I’d heard came from a little cascading river. The water looked crystal clear. I could see the riverbed as clearly as I could see my hand in front of my face. Reeds and long grass grew along the bank. Dappled sunlight cast a camouflaged pattern of shadows along the ground that danced every time the wind blew. My gaze traveled the truck on a large tree that seemed to be reaching into the water, searching for treasure. Wrapped tightly around a branch as thick as my arm was a brown python.

I froze. Has it seen me? I’m not entirely sure what I thought it was going to do but I didn’t want to startle it into moving. A head as big as my own slowly swung in my direction. The hissing cut off suddenly and it’s eyes narrowed.

Don’t move.

Don’t breathe.

“Greetings girlchild, I have been expecting you.”

Oh crap…


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  1. Ha ha ha. Oh, crap indeed. Nice job Laurie.

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