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The Story – Chapter 172

January 31, 2018

Oh crap!

“Hello?” I wanted to shake my head. Was I really talking to a snake? Then again, since I got here this was by no means the weirdest thing to happen to me.

“You are hunting the witch? I have a gift for you.”

Ah, wha? I crept forward, still not willing to get too close. Its massive head swung lower, giant eyes blinked spreading mucus over each eyeball. Ewww. “A gift? Why?”

“The witch. She and I are not… friends.”

Ha, I had the feeling the word it wanted to use was a lot nastier than that. “What is the gift?” I held out my hands.

“She has a weakness. No sense of smell.”

That was the gift? What was I suppose to do with that? “Ah, is there any thing else–”

In less than a split second it was gone. Goosepimples spread over my skin. So fast, the snake had moved so fast. I glanced behind my shoulder but there was no sign of it anywhere. What could I do with “no sense of smell?” Useless information. I swiped a hand through the river water and took several gulps of the crystal clear liquid then checked the sun. Getting low. I had to move.

I began to run.




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  1. Hmm. No sense of smell. If you are quiet and stay out of touch she won’t detect you.

  2. There is an autocorrect in my statement. It should read. If you are quiet and stay out of sight, she won’t detect you. I have no idea where touch came from unless my computer is finishing my sentences for me. Now that is creepy.

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