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Here there be monsters (Friday Fictioneers)

March 22, 2018

PHOTO PROMPT © Björn Rudberg


I didn’t think a sign would keep them away. I was surprised. It did for a while. Longer than I thought.

Not forever though.

“Jenny, co’mere, co’mon.”

“Bobby, you’re spillin’ the booze.” The girl snorted and then hiccupped and moaned. “I’m gonna be sick.”

“Don’, don’ do tha’… Co’mere, I’ll ‘elp.”

I crouched lower. The brush covered my exposed scales, the green blended in. They couldn’t see me. Still, I waited holding my breath. Couldn’t they see the sign?

“Ey… Wazzat?” The boy wavered and nearly fell, pointing as his eyes widened.


With a flick I unsheathed my claws.



This is a Friday Fictioneers prompt

Word Count: 100


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  1. Yes, a changeling. Nicely slurped.

  2. And so ends Bobby and Jenny’s romantic evening!

  3. Yeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkk. *sound of shoes on the gravel headed away. Excellent, Laurie.

  4. Delightfully different and a great little read Laurie!

    Click to read my 100 Word Story!

  5. Sarah Ann permalink

    I hope the scaly monster will eat them now or dispose of their bodies. Obviously for him/her/it to be left in peace, Jenny and Bobby have to disappear without trace – run away together maybe?
    I am now worried that I’m more concerned for your alien’s survival than our drunken canoodling couple. 🙂

    • I love your conundrum Sarah Ann… i had the same problem though yes the poor scaly friend is in danger of exposure but my drunken mates may not make it out alive!

  6. Dear Laurie,

    He gave them fair warning. Good one.



  7. I like the idea of a scaly monster trying to keep humans away with a notice! So nice that the alien wants to avoid harming people.

    • Yes exactly! It’s for their own safety. It doesn’t want to hurt them but it has to protect itself

  8. I hope your enterprising dragon isn’t allergic to alcohol because these two idiots are pickled in it by the sound of things. I was definitely on the side of the scaly clawed gentleman.

  9. Poor monsters, being ill-treated by those ill-mannered, illiterate human encroachers incessantly.

  10. Sounds like a monster that would rather remain undetected–but one does what one must.

  11. A very kind monster indeed.

  12. Dale permalink

    This was a most enjoyable read, Laurie! Drunken fools go where they should not…

  13. Warning should have been taken… maybe it’s a all about the Darwin reaper… making sure the gene pool is good enough

  14. A very fun story. Great job.

  15. Bad place to get drunk. Great story.

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