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Review: Scales of Empire by Kylie Chan

March 23, 2018

Review: Scales of Empire by Kylie Chan

About the book:

An exciting new adventure filled with diverse characters, strong heroes and heroines and wild creatures from the bestselling author of White Tiger.

Corporal Jian Choumali is on the mission of a lifetime – security officer on one of Earth’s huge generation ships, fleeing Earth’s failing ecosystem to colonise a distant planet.

The ship encounters a technologically and culturally advanced alien empire, led by a royal family of dragons. The empire’s dragon emissary offers her aid to the people of Earth, bringing greater health, longer life, and faster-than-light travel to nearby stars.

But what price will the people of Earth have to pay for the generous alien assistance?


My Thoughts: 

Dragons!!! OMG Dragons….

And spaceships.

Come on, this is brilliant. Dragons and spaceships and love and space exploration, aliens, spaceships (did i mention that?) Oh this was a fun read.

Such a unique a concept. Dragons and Potatoes and Cats and procreation. Such an interesting combination.

You should read this book if you love scifi and dragons. I was hooked from the start. So well written, the world building grabbed me in an instant. Set in a dystopian time not that far in the future, the Earth needs to start colonizing other planets in order to survive as a species.  But now that humans are “ready” alien life comes to them. Jian is a fabulous main character and I enjoyed following her journey from colonist to warrior to mother to savior.

This story really gets to the heart of the matter, survival and what it means to a species. Also, what is the meaning of free will and where does mind control and love fall on the scales. And speaking of scales… what does it mean to accept help. Does acceptance of assistance remove self determination? This book really makes you as a reader think about what it means to be human. Nature vs nurture vs humanity vs greed. I recommend this book to all. 🙂


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