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Review: Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters: Council of the Hunters

March 31, 2018

Review: Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters: Council of the Hunters by D.C. McGannon and C. Michael  McGannon

About the Book

A new school year brings fresh beginnings. At least that’s what the Monster Hunters of Hunter’s Grove are hoping for. After facing down dark magic and vengeful gods in the portal village of Drakauragh, Charlie Sullivan and his band of unlikely friends look forward to a quiet, fun-and most importantly normal-first year of High School. More than hope is needed however, as sinister activity is haunting the shadows of their once sleepy little town again. With news of Chen’s disappearance, and an unseen force that threatens to break the protective wards surrounding Hunter’s Key, tensions quickly rise once more for Charlie Sullivan and his friends. The five teenagers’ credibility is called into question by an elder hunter, forcing them to defend their reputations in a dangerous game where they can trust very few. Now, the reticent Council of the Hunters will convene to decide their fate as Monster Hunters. A shocking betrayal, disquieting new figures in their own society, a corrupted nemesis, and a cloud of deception hovering over their elders all weigh heavy on the team. The Monster Hunters of Hunter’s Grove could be shut down before they have a chance to stand against the demonic shadow that threatens their bonds of friendship, loyalty, and the safety of those close to them. Something, or someone, is tearing at the veil between our world and the Otherworld, promising to unleash Hell and prepare the way for what hunters throughout the centuries have feared would one day happen…the rise of the Ancients.

My thoughts

Book three kicks off in a new school year but jumps straight into the mystery where the Monster Hunters will be tested like never before. There are more monsters, magic, and secrets galore. Charlie is still learning to be a leader and dealing with the emotions that come with being attracted to one of his team. Something is trying to get the Hunters and their friends fighting amongst themselves. Trust becomes an issue when the Hunters Council appear and announce they hold the future of the Monster Hunters in their hands. The authors D.C. McGannon and C. Michael McGannon continue this fun and imaginative world full of magic and monsters. I wouldn’t mind some magic powers myself. The secondary characters are full of life and stories of their own. Loving Fish and Dink, Chen and Priest, and of course Drang! I’m hooked into this world and can’t wait to read on. What a terrific series for young and old a like (I have a feeling my Poppa would have loved to read this series to me when I was little!)


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  1. Sounds sort of like The Lightening Thief, with different backstories. But sounds fun anyway. I’ll have to look it up.

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