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Review: Publish and Perish by Phillipa Bornikova

April 29, 2018

Review: Publish and Perish by Phillipa Bornikova

About the Book

Linnet Ellery, a young attorney at a prestigious New York vampire law firm has proved she has extraordinary luck—and not just in the courtroom. She has walked unscathed through events that would kill a normal person.

Linnet’s elven ex-boyfriend is trapped in Fairyland, and Linnet will have to lead a raid into Fey to free him—alongside her boss, whom she is falling in love with. But a love affair between a vampire and a human is strictly forbidden, and any violation is punishable by death for both parties.

As events unfold, Linnet determines the source of her mysterious power, and is dismayed to discover that she is the most dangerous person in the world to her vampire and werewolf friends. The more secrets and treachery she uncovers, the more Linnet realizes that a decision must be made: Can she be her true self, without sacrificing everyone she cares about?

My thoughts

A few chapters in I was hooked. I haven’t read the first Linnet Ellery book but I found it easy to follow along and was quickly sucked in. (I’ll be going back to read the first Linnet Ellary book now). Linnet is a lawyer with a super power. Somehow she can remain untouched when attacked, a strange magic that keeps her safe while those around her die.

In a world with Vampires, Fey and Werewolves Linnet is something… else.  But that something else is a threat to everyone she loves. To keep them safe, she will have to die.

A great book with a world I thoroughly enjoyed. Fun characters full of attitude, I enjoy the Fey world and almost want to see more of it. Linnet is a great hero who is dragged into madness through no fault of her own. Her strength is to keep going, to fight back and to save her loved ones at all costs.  If you like a good vampire/werewolf this is a fun one to sink your teeth into.


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