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School visit – TCPS

July 19, 2018


I had sooooo much fun yesterday.

I went to visit the fabulous TCPS and chat about the Butterfly Stone, my writing, me and some techniques (see what I did there Stef) for making your writing something a reader cannot put down.

The writing group I met were fantastic! Full of terrific questions and ideas, and their writing… phew! blew me away.

Some things we talked about were

  • Chapter endings (Holy cliff hanger Batman!)
  • Show don’t tell (Argh, I’m still working on this one myself)
  • Making the reader care.
  • Editing (the never-ending circle!)
  • You don’t have to like everything you read. Or write for that matter!
  • The cat’s name is Toffee and she doesn’t like me

With permission from TCPS, below are some pictures from our super fun workshop.

Thank you to Stef and Lara for hosting me.

  1. What a thrill. I did not see a cat. Oh well.

  2. internetneedswifi1 permalink

    The entire tcps group was doing a sherlock holmes when we noticed you didn’t say the nme of the cat until the next day when evie shouted AHA before class started. Of course the entire group acted like seagulls to see what was going on 😆

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