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Review: Daughters of Forgotten Light by Sean Grigsby

August 15, 2018

About the Book – Adult Sci Fi

A floating prison is home to Earth’s unwanted people, where they are forgotten… but not yet dead, in this wild science fiction adventure

Deep space penal colony Oubliette, population: scum. Lena “Horror” Horowitz leads the Daughters of Forgotten Light, one of three vicious gangs fighting for survival on Oubliette. Their fragile truce is shaken when a new shipment arrives from Earth carrying a fresh batch of prisoners and supplies to squabble over. But the delivery includes two new surprises: a drone, and a baby. Earth Senator Linda Dolfuse wants evidence of the bloodthirsty gangs to justify the government finally eradicating the wasters dumped on Oubliette. There’s only one problem: the baby in the drone’s video may be hers.

My thoughts


This is a mad, bad, dangerous dystopian adult scif fi that is, at times, hard to handle. What I mean by that is that as you read it, you wonder… can this happen and the frightful answer is YES. Full of violence and anger, this is a book about the darkness that sits in us all, and what is created when government gives people an “easy” way to limit population growth and get rid of criminals at the same time. By sending them (problems) away – out of sight, out of mind. And it’s all completely legal.

The women – girls – the unwilling, and sometimes innocent Forgotten Ones are sent to another planet on a one way trip to hell. Because it is hell. A hell where you fight to survive and to survive is to become Death itself. Limited, unpalatable food, no rules and no authority turns girls into monsters. And yet… they are still capable of love and are even able to form unbreakable bonds by joining, of all things, motorcycle gangs.

I had a strong taste of Mad Max- Fury Road (with a twist of Water World.) A multi POV story full of strong, remarkable, dangerous women.

This is a dark, bitter hit of reality that exposes the what if… What if we were thrown away, discarded like trash and forgotten? What would we do to survive?

A brilliantly written book by Sean Grigsby with an end you won’t see coming.  A gripping tale with deadly, dangerous, powerful female characters who are impossible to forget. Pre-order it now.


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