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Review: Blackbird Road by James L. Weaver

August 23, 2018

Review: Blackbird Road by James L. Weaver (Jack Caldwell book 3)

About the Book

With his wedding day fast approaching and his PI boss heading out of town, ex-mob enforcer Jake Caldwell decides to take one more job before a much needed vacation. But in a matter of days, his client is assassinated and her six-year-old son kidnapped.

With just a few clues, Jake calls on old friends to help track down the person responsible. Only this time his fiancée Maggie, desperate for Jake to leave his violent history behind, can’t guarantee she’ll be there when, or if, he comes home.

But Jake can’t turn his back on those who need him. It’s in his blood.

A perilous plot of lies and secrets unfolds, and Jake encounters criminals more brutal than ever. And when a threat to thousands of innocent lives is uncovered, Jake once again dives back into his past, requesting favors from some unexpected and unsavory contacts.

Jake needs to stay one step ahead of the bad guys if he’s to have any future at all.

The third book in the award-winning JAKE CALDWELL series is an intense, complex, and frantic race against time. Weaver has done it again in this raw and riveting read set in the Ozarks.


My Thoughts

You know how they say book 3 in a series may not be the star… Well if somebody ever said it, it is wrong about Blackbird Road. A brilliant book 3 in a series that just keeps getting better and better. An adult thriller that noir action/organised crime buffs will love.

Jake Caldwell is back. So is Bear and a number of terrific supporting characters.

Blackbird Road is a gripping thriller full of action, mystery, death, and an investigation that follows two feuding Russian mob killers that is a mix of Jack Ryan, Jason Bourne and an earthier, grittier James Bond and the final showdown is unexpected and brilliantly executed. Brutal action and violent mob deaths seem to follow Jake Caldwell… and it seems as though he cannot stay away. Though his wedding is coming up, finding the killer of the woman he promised to protect and rescuing her missing son take all of his focus.

There is an emotional depth to Jake Caldwell that is missing from the classic Bond books. Caldwell is driven by memories of his violent father and the need to protect the helpless and domestically abused. He is also trying to atone for his past violence… which adds an emotional twist to a character who is not black or white but fairly grey.

I love Jake and Bear working together… such a great team with the history that allows for rude insults as they go after the bad guys together. I just want to see more of these two in action.

I think this is one of my current favorite series to read.

Blackbird Road is available for pre-order and you need to get onto these if you haven’t read book one and two. (Because when the movies come out – and Producers YOU HAVE to get onto this – they will be the sort of blockbusters every action lover will enjoy.)


My review of Book One can be read here

My review of Book two can be read here


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