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Review: The Spaceship Next Door by Gene Doucette

September 5, 2018

About the book

When a spaceship lands in Sorrow Falls, a lovable and fearless small-town girl is the planet’s only hope for survival
Three years ago, a spaceship landed in an open field in the quiet mill town of Sorrow Falls, Massachusetts. It never opened its doors, and for all that time, the townspeople have wondered why the ship landed there, and what—or who—could be inside.

Then one day a government operative—posing as a journalist—arrives in town, asking questions. He discovers sixteen-year-old Annie Collins, one of the ship’s closest neighbors and a local fixture known throughout the town, who has some of the answers.

As a matter of fact, Annie Collins might be the most important person on the planet. She just doesn’t know it.

My thoughts:

Ah! Loved it. This is a terrific YA scifi story that reminded me so much of Douglas Adams I wondered if there was a family relationship. A fun story all about a little town and a young woman in that little town… the catch… a spaceship lands in a local field and… well… nothing changes.


This is a great story about consequences and what ifs… what if a spaceship landed on earth, what if nothing happened for a while, what does the population, the military, the government, the townsfolk do about that?

Annie is a great character dealing with a fair amount of crap. There are parent issues, government issues, friend issues…

Then ordinary things are not so ordinary any more.

Characters are well fleshed out, containing oddities, flaws and amusing behaviors all of which make them seem quite real. The sci fi concepts are interesting, clever and make you think. The alien life forms are unique and something I had not encountered before in a book. Very well told.

I really enjoyed this story. its one all sci fi readers will enjoy…


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