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Wish upon a star (Friday Fictioneers)

September 6, 2018

PHOTO PROMPT © Gah Learner


I often found her standing at the window, staring at the night sky. Full moon, new moon, crescents of all sizes. I once asked why. She shut down on me so fast I got whiplash. I didn’t ask again.

When she repeated the same question within the space of a few minutes I grew concerned.

Her vagueness, her swinging emotions… You could never predict what you were going to get.

Today, I stand at the window and stare into the night sky.


Tomorrow I’ll bury the spaceship. I’ll bury her too. I never told her I knew. Now I can’t.



This is a Friday Fictioneers Prompt

Word Count: 100

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  1. That’s the trouble with mystical aliens they are so unpredictable.
    An interesting idea.

  2. Abhijit Ray permalink

    Aliens do not know how to deal with ladies. Now he will bury her.

  3. That ending was a surprise. I thiught I was reading a dementia story. Well done

    • You were Neil. She, the alien, was suffering dementia… or a form of it. Sadly she passed, leaving him to bury her and her ship.

  4. Dear Laurie,

    That was quite the bait and switch. I thought it was an Alzheimer’s story. You left me wanting to know more. Nicely done.



    • Thank you Rochelle. It actually was still about Alzheimer’s. Poor alien. She suffered too, he was protecting her and her secret. 😊

  5. Excellent, Laurie.

  6. Wait, what? Love that you have us spinning, wondering…who is who or rather what…

    • Hmmmmm yes indeed. Though maybe i tried to put too much into such a short moment. She, the alien, did suffer a form of Alzheimer’s. He loved her and protected her even after the end.

  7. The unexpected ending totally changed the story. Excellent

    Click to read my FriFic tale!

  8. I hope you don’t me being honest by saying that I was very confused by your story. Reading your replies to the comments has made it clear what you were trying to convey.

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

  9. Sorry that should have said: I hope you don’t mind me being honest…

  10. Great read. Found it very engaging.

  11. the unpredictability of alzheimers and then the spaceship! well you got me there, great stuff.

  12. michael1148humphris permalink

    So even aliens can be troubled by dementia. If I had been him I might have fired up the space ship and become the world’s first interspace diplomat

  13. Aliens can be so fragile, or they are attempting to decimate the earth. Nice story.

  14. “She shut down on me so fast I got whiplash”. Great and telling phrase.

  15. Loved ‘She shut down on me so fast I got whiplash,’ which is then sadly contrasted with her asking the same question, as if she might have dementia. But no, she’s an alien far from home and possibly hurt. At least she found someone to care for her.

    • Thank you Sarah, I think there is a lot of pain and hurt in loss. But yes they care for her deeply

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