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Dust to dust (Friday Fictioneers)

September 27, 2018

PHOTO PROMPT © Yvette Prior

“Why so much coffee?”

I didn’t answer. It was obvious, wasn’t it? A room full of writers. Coffee was mandatory. That and the wine / whisky but it was rather early. I walked the room again, ensuring everything was in its place and perfectly aligned.

A sad day. The passing of a legend. But I was determined to find some joy in the proceedings. He would have wanted it this way. “You should have told him.”

No way could I have shown him my manuscript. He would have hated it.

Now he’s gone.

Perhaps it’s time to dust it off.



This is a Friday Fictioneers prompt

Word count: 100



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  1. Darwin had the same problem. He didn’t publish Origin of Species until his father died

    • Yes I think fear and love can be a powerful detractor. It can also be a powerful inspiration and motivator.

  2. An interesting ‘human condition’, if that is what you can call this – the fear of disapproval and lack of confidence and self doubt as well as an assumption that may not have been true.

    • Yes! Exactly James. Why one person can hold so much emotional power and we let them I don’t know but either a mom or a dad… there are emotions that control us

  3. Sometimes it’s trying to please those that know you that is more intimidating than the thought of strangers reading your work. Nice scene Laurie.

  4. Jelli permalink

    So true… After my Mom died, I finally felt free to write/art, and yes, even LIVE for the first time. Death can be an ‘independence day’ in a way. Love your take on the prompt! 🙂 ❤

    • Hi Jelli. Yes I think the pressure and fear will stop the best of us. It sounds like you are free to create now and I love your writing!

  5. I agree with Iain… we so want approval from those we admire…that it is ever more scary to share with them!

  6. Abhijit Ray permalink

    Who is he? Where is he now? Why would he hate the manuscript?

  7. Odd as it may seem, I don’t like my mother to read my blog stories!

    Click to read my FriFic tale!

  8. Very realistic of many peoples’ stories.

  9. Leaves me wondering what the relationship was. Father? You know, I don’t let anyone read my stuff until it’s finished. Especially no one in my family.

    • Oh yes I think its a heavy thing. Letting someone read your words. In the end I sure hope you do though

  10. Dear Laurie,

    Coffee in the morning, wine at night. I’m still waiting for my brother to read my books. But I’m not holding my breath. A good piece that we can all relate to. Nicely done.



  11. The power others hold over us is often oppressive. A living death sentence. Nicely done.

  12. It sounds as if there are some repressed stories to be revealed.

  13. I wonder if it’s one of those confessional novels where the parted friend plays a role.

  14. Sarah Ann permalink

    Yep, with so many writer sin one place, coffee is the obligatory drink to keep them going. Anything else and they might share ideas with each other 😉

  15. I can really relate to this, you told your story so well.

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