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Review: Priest of Bones (War for the Rose Throne) by Peter McLean

October 10, 2018

Priest of Bones (War for the Rose Throne) by Peter McLean

About the book

‘Sixty-five thousand battle-shocked, trained killers came home to no jobs, no food and the plague. What did Her Majesty think was going to happen?’

Tomas Piety takes his duties seriously: as a soldier, as a priest of Our Lady of Eternal Sorrows and as a leader of men. He has come home from the war to reclaim his family business, to provide for his men and to ensure the horrors of Abingon can never happen in Ellinburg.

But things have changed: his crime empire has been stolen and the people of Ellinburg – his people – have run out of food and hope and places to hide. With his best friend Bloody Anne, his war-damaged brother Jochan and his new gang, the Pious Men, Tomas sets out to reclaim what was his.

And as Tomas is dragged into a web of political intrigue by the sinister Queen’s Men, forced to work against the foreign infiltrators lurking in the backstreet taverns, brothels and gambling dens of the Stink, one thing becomes clear.

The war has just begun.


My thoughts

Just get it. Get it and read this book. Wow.

I think they call this grimdark or dark fantasy… fantasy/noir… Well, whatever it is called, you should get and read this book. A mob fantasy set in the aftermath of a war, the soldiers who lived have now returned home… and it’s gonna get messy. In this case Tomas Piety used to be a mob boss, he once controlled the Stink. He’s survived the war, has come home and he wants his streets back.

This is the best of mob crime, the best of dark fantasy, the best kind of story. There is a taste of magic, overwhelming buckets of blood filling the streets and the impossibility of family values (both the kind you have to accept and they kind you make). Every character is gritty and real, well fleshed out and inventive. The streets of Ellinburg take on a life of their own. The city is its own character from the Stink to the Wheels to the “high society” of Ellinburg. War might be over, but in the streets of Ellinburg its only just beginning. Clashes between mobs, the cops and unknown invaders from another shore make this is a gritty tale of murder, family and revenge. I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait for the next installment. A terrific read.

The war is far from over.

If you loved The Godfather you will love this book.


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