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You chose poorly (Friday Fictioneers)

October 18, 2018

PHOTO PROMPT © Jilly Funell


Stairs? More damned stairs.

This human body is not easy to manipulate. My host had been fond of sugary treats and now I was paying for it. I should have picked someone else, but time had been against me. This planet’s conditions too harsh for my delicate form. Now, my knees ache, my hips, even the back of my ankles… Why the back of my ankles?

I need to change forms. This one reeks of long death.

Just get to the roof. My pod is there – where I’d landed a week ago. I can recuperate, eat and sleep.

Damned stairs.


This is a Friday Fictioneers Prompt

Word count: 100



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  1. it should have chosen one of the intelligent species on the planet

  2. Very well written piece of Scifi, Laurie. I like the way you provide stairs for the entry and exit of your piece!

    • Thank you Penny. I think stairs got me this week because on Tuesday I spent the whole day going up and down stairs at work!!

  3. Ah, welcome to the Cranky Old Aliens club. And…Get off my Lawn!!

  4. Aah, so the long-lost cousin of Venom is finally here on Earth!

  5. Dear Laurie,

    Love it. I can just imagine the shock the alien is going through. Well done.



  6. Abhijit Ray permalink

    Climbing stairs is not easy, more so if you are fond of sugary treats.

  7. Clearly a villain in the making – keep clear of DR Who. Loved the idea of aliens inhabiting the body of the sugar addicted humans, perhaps they could fit more than one in. Fun read.

    • Thank you James. Perhaps they require high blood sugar levels? Makes Earth a great place to visit

  8. What an original take, Laurie. Love this.

  9. Very original take on the prompt. I am sure the alien will make a better choice next time.

  10. The alien should have picked a host with a better diet.

  11. Its nice to see that aliens have preferences, too. Apparently the alien’s temporary lodgings within the human body do not allow it to enjoy the taste of the sugary treat, or it might recalculate the cost-benefit ratio.

    I can easily see how stairs might come across as a form of torture. Many of us , after all, have had a similarly painful experience in our local gym. 😊

    • Lol me too. And that day at work I spent all day going up and down one flight of stairs to set up and cater a workshop!

  12. This form. . . .reeks of long death. How appropriate. Really liked this piece.

  13. Decision made under pressure. Oh dear. Brilliant detail about the back of the ankles.

  14. I enjoyed this. Picking the wrong body to inhabit would certainly bring about problems. I think if it was me I’d pick a gibbon and swing through the trees like they do.

  15. Very original. Really liked it.

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