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Don’t look back (Friday Fictioneers)

December 6, 2018

PHOTO PROMPT © Dawn M. Miller

The rattle and the clack clack brought the memories flooding back. A baby’s cry, the smell of smoke and screeching metal. The ground trembled and the carriage I was in fell.

It hadn’t happened. It wasn’t real.

Was it?

A loud buzzer snapped me back to awareness. I yanked the headset off. Too real. Who would put themselves through that? I handed the virtual reality device back to the attendant who took it with a listless hand and passed it to the next in line.

Earth. Train.

It was a memory. But I couldn’t shake the ache in my bones.



This is a Friday Fictioneers Prompt

Word Count: 100

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  1. Lovely, Laurie. If an experience is profound, does it matter that it’s not real?

  2. Fiction: the illusion of reality and blurred perception of the mind. Nice idea.

  3. I’m sure experiences like this will become popular with VR in the near future – although hopefully not from a different planet!

    • Well you never know. I’m not sure this experience was a pleasant one still it was memorable. And does the mind create truth and therefore real pain? Interesting question I think

  4. Kestril Trueseeker permalink

    I often ask myself why anyone would put themselves through something like bungee jumping, but some people’s “ARGH!” are other people’s “Aah!”

  5. Well described, it doesn’t seem a pleasant memory to relive. Not sure how I feel about VR but enjoyed your story.

  6. Made me think of an episode of “Black Mirror” where a guy plays video games until the stress of it – as it feels to real – kills him…

  7. Not a good memory! Great write.

  8. Your reaction was real enough. Now you are left with a memory you can’t erase. Very clever story, Laurie.

  9. Nicely done. Real? Not real? It seems it doesn’t matter. The character is left with a creepy feeling as was I.

  10. Dear Laurie,

    This does make one take pause. Are those devices healthy? Reality vs non-realty..the lines are blurred but your story’s clearly a good one.



  11. Cue the spooky music. . . . .

  12. VR has always fascinated me. The holodecks from StarTrek. I would probably get fired if I had one of those!! Lmbo. I think if all of our senses are involved are bodies will react as if it is real. And is the memory real or just an illusion. Great write, Laurie! As always you leave us with the tension of what’s next?!?

    I really don’t know why I fall for it every time. I should know by that there will be a cliffhanger! 😂

  13. I’m with you, life is scary enough. I don’t need any virtual horror experiences.. Excellent take on the prompt.

  14. I wonder what we will experience when times goes on… holographic VR?…. we could have anything, bliss or terror…

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