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Gone (Friday Fictioneers)

December 13, 2018

Copyright –Douglas M. MacIlroy

The state of my antenna was embarrassing. No matter how bad it looked, it did what was needed. I had a signal. Ten years trapped on this damned planet and finally, I was going home. I sent the message and waited.

Every night for a year I waited for a reply.

Tapping my claws, I supressed the urge to rip out the nearest throat. Nothing. In a rage I slammed the human computer to the floor.

A google alert months later linked me to a NASA paper. An exploding star picked up by instruments—scientists amazed.

No one was coming.



This is a Friday Fictioneers prompt

Word Count: 100


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  1. Great last line

  2. What a dump to be stuck on as well. Not much hope unless they can hitch a ride on one of those human Voyagers…

  3. interesting

  4. Dang….what a place to be stranded…

  5. Abhijit Ray permalink

    So home planet exploded? Now you have to deal with humans. Don’t rip anyones throat anymore.

  6. Makes being stranded on a desert island seem like heaven compared with that dang planet!

  7. Uh oh,, Stuck here I guess…

  8. I love the imagination in this one.

  9. I love the idea that this is someone from somewhere else in the solar system. You presented the emotive feelings of this person perfectly which can often be forgotten when people are looking for life on other planets and such. A great write, very well put together and very creative.

    • Thank you so much Lisa! I think you are very right. But I believe, if there is life out there, it would have feelings too 😊

  10. Oh no. What a sad story.

  11. Dear Laurie,

    Aw I feel for this poor alien. Well done.



  12. I really liked the passing reference to the tapping claws. At that point I could see your protagonist.

  13. I enjoyed the restraint of the alien waiting and his despair when he realised this was it, it’s not going to get better

  14. Oh… and nothing stops you from ripping the throats now…

  15. Fantastic. I just thought that at least his/her waiting is over, now is the time to start anew – take over the punitive earthlings…no one can find light in the dark.

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