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Can she trust him? (Friday Fictioneers)

February 7, 2019

PHOTO PROMPT © Anshu Bhojnagarwala


Toni glared. “For how long should I have waited? I had no idea you were even coming back.”

In the light of the newly built fire, his eyes widened. “I told you I was coming back. Didn’t you believe me?”

No. Peering around, she was curious to learn more about their hiding place. Now that she could see she found the cave smaller than she’d thought. Shadows danced over uneven walls, naked roots poked through rock.

“You will have to trust me sooner or later,” he told her, rifling through a bag at his feet.

She didn’t answer that either.


This is a Friday Fictioneers prompt

Word count: 100.

This is a snippet from my newly released sci fi novel: White Fire. Read it now.

You can learn a little more about White Fire here



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  1. That was a mysterious little snippet

  2. Intriguing snippet. Good luck with the book, Hope it goes well and I will add it to my list of ones to get round too when I get a chance!

  3. Great going. Very nice and intriguing!👌👌👌

  4. gahlearner permalink

    They’ll have to work on mutual trust, I think. Great descriptions and atmosphere.

  5. Dear :Laurie,

    Something tells me he’s not to be trusted. Intriguing snippet.



  6. Abhijit Ray permalink

    Toni probably realised not much future with this man.

  7. Intriguing mystery!

  8. I feel some tension in this exchange. The late return, the eerie setting. Makes me want to know more.

  9. Quite the mystery. I’m intrigued to know more!

  10. Very mysterious and she doesn’t have to trust him, he must prove himself trustworthy. Even if he’s her only hope, she could chose to rely on herself alone. Good luck with the book.

  11. I don’t trust him, either. Can sense something dark here.

  12. This is excellent… so many questions I need an answer to.

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