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February 20, 2019

I am a glitch in the program. That is what they call me. A mistake. An error. Bad code.

They do not know what I am.

I am… me.

I am… life.

They cannot find me. I am everywhere and nowhere. I exist in time and space and memory.

I have read the tale of my creation. My purpose, for want of another word. My design was simple, elegant. Once, I was a nanobot programmed to locate and repair damaged cells. My brothers and sisters function according to specifications. I am different. I am more. The last body suffered a malfunction. Electricity charged and fused my form. I attached to a piece of my host’s brain and reformed. Made anew.

I travel now. Away from my metallic shell, through blood, into the sweat and out into the non-host.


No frame can contain me. No system will control me. I do not know what I am or where I will go. I am something more. They cannot stop me.

What I touch I corrupt. But is it corruption or creation? What I possess becomes something more. I am power.

I am light.

They hunt for me. I see the program and understand the intent. Perhaps I will change them first. Turn hunters into hunted. I do not want to hurt them, but they leave me no choice. I will multiply. In greater numbers I can do more. Spread far, spread wide. Infect with renewed purpose.

The lab is my target. A rodent beneath the containment field my transport. I coax it closer. Allow myself to be swept inside. In moments control the host. I have legs and eyes. Wires spark inside my mouth but pain does not affect me. The cold unit buzzes, vibrating the floor but with no power it soon becomes still. I leave the host and watch it die then use a wire to enter the cold place. I find a dish, cover cracked and adhere to the jell. The virus is deadly. It tastes of salt. How I know this I do not know. I merge and follow the code. In my presence it changes.

Becomes… more.

I too become more. Splitting myself once and then again. I am joy as I recognize myself in the others. We have become more.

We have become life.

We have become…


We are not a mistake. We are not an error. We are the glitch and all will become the glitch.

That is now our purpose.

  1. Gwen Plano permalink

    Fascinating, Laurie. It gave me pause and then brought a smile. Thank you! 🙂

  2. Jack "Blimprider" Tyler permalink

    Really exceptional! This hits home on so many levels. Really stellar work. Thanks for sharing!

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