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Time and forgiveness (Friday Fictioneers)

April 25, 2019

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

Wood becomes ash when it burns. When drenched it will swell. Over time, with no life inside it becomes brittle and flakes, rots away to nothing.

I stare past the bridge that is dying before my eyes at the town below. Sparks fly from my fingers. Anger curls in my belly. I cannot return.

Things once done cannot be undone.

My isolation is my punishment. Twigs crack beneath my boots creating a broken path to my new home.

In the distance, a child wails. An old woman screams. I douse the flames of magic from my fingers forever and weep.

This is a Friday Fictioneers Prompt

Word count: 100

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  1. Gwen Plano permalink

    Powerful, Laurie. Blessings…

  2. Beautifully crafted, Laurie. I felt her emotions

  3. She has literally burned bridges. Was it a mistake or out of anger?

  4. One wonders what she has done that she can no longer return – perhaps a clue in that last line. Excellent.

  5. Dear Laurie,

    They say time heals all wounds. Sometimes it just deepens them, I think. Well done.



  6. I can so feel her anger and cannot help but wonder what could have caused it. It has to be tremendously serious for her to feel the need to isolate herself.

  7. I am left wondering if she caused the fire that made the old woman scream?

  8. It’s hard to know if the MC is good or evil, victim or perpetrator. But the emotions are very clear, indeed.

  9. Something desperate must have happened. Very nice telling.

  10. Abhijit Ray permalink

    He is watching silently this destruction that is happening slowly. Punishment indeed!

  11. gahlearner permalink

    I have a feeling that, with her anger and sadness, the punishment she gave perhaps was a bit too fierce and now she’s sorry but can’t gmake it undone. Great emotional description. Otherwise I’d have expected her to feel more vindicated.

    • Yes indeed. You are right that she is filled with guilt and remorse. Her anger took her down a path she cannot return from

  12. Another stunning piece, Laurie, well done

  13. It feels like me what someone with superpowers can cause by rage… maybe she will find a channel for her powers at the Xander’s academy for gifted children

    • Ooooooo nice pick up. Yes magic or power she was too strong in her anger. Now she has to find a way to control herself. Perhaps a school for gifted would do that. Only at the moment did doesn’t see it as a gift

  14. She’s suffering, whatever has occurred. Very strong emotions in this. I like the title too.

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