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Review: Mommy’s Little Wordlings by Linh Nguyen-Ng

May 8, 2019

About the Book:

MOMMY’S LITTLE WORDLINGS is a vignette picture book for Mommy.

What would make a mother happy? To have her children dedicate a book to her would mean the world to her.

Little words hold big meanings. The Little Wordlings are children with big things to say.

Join them as they use their simple words to show Mommy just how much she is loved. Every page is filled with soft watercolor art and adorable digital illustrations by the author, Linh Nguyen-Ng. As a writer and artist, Nguyen-Ng combines a creative blend of her words with her own illustrations.

MOMMY’S LITTLE WORDLINGS is the perfect book to show every mother or mother figure just how much she is appreciated and the effects she had on her children’s lives. No one is more adored than the first person who gives you life and makes you smile. There is no one like Mommy. This book is great gift for all expectant, new and experienced mothers. It’s also a cute book that will surely make all the grandmothers’ hearts blossom like a bouquet of flowers as motherhood is passed down to another generation.

Any mother who receives this book from their children is the luckiest person in the world.

My thoughts:

I LOVE this picture book. It’s simply Gorgeous. From the artwork to the story. You HAVE to get this for you kids or your moms or anyone really. It’s simply lovely. Sweet messages and just a charming read. Get it now!

Look at those pictures! don’t ya love em? I know I do.


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