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Be careful what you wish for (Friday Fictioneers)

June 6, 2019

T’is an old rooming house. My abode is up the stairs out the back. T’is here I took my “clients.”



I can’t tell you more than that. Unless… would you like to come up? I take only gold. And you must be committed to the cause.

You will?

Excellent. Let us take a drink with us. Indeed, it is crystal. What would you prefe,r the green or the red? Ahhhh. The green. Good choice. Shall we head up? I look forward to learning your request. T’is favors I grant, for those I like.

What do you desire, friend?

This is a Friday Fictioneers Prompt

Word Count: 100

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From → Prompt

  1. Lovely voice with just the right blend of promise and menace

  2. Prithee do tell, t’was in days of yore, I reckon? Such a good cliff hanger

  3. Great voice in this one.

  4. Well, I wouldn’t trust them, I think they may have their own agenda rather than delivering on my desires!!

    • Oooooo yes well picked up. Never trust the one who asks your desires… their own may not align

  5. I’m with Iain – not sure I’d trust them. Well done…

  6. Dear Laurie,

    This doesn’t sound like someone I’d want to be friends with. A little sinister. Nicely done.



  7. I like the way this leaves unanswered questions. Wondering what his wish is…

  8. I feel the need to run, and then maybe a shower. Nice take.

  9. Being enticed by an enchanting demon is both hypnitic and frightening. Loved it.

  10. Preying on the gullible by the sound of it! Much as I enjoyed your tale I’m outa here – fast!

    My go at Friday Fictioneers!

  11. You’ve succeeded at making the voice both enticing and menacing. Excellent.

  12. I always wonder how people can allow themselves to be led like that.
    Well done and yes, just the right amount of welcome to counter the sinister.

  13. gahlearner permalink

    She or he reminds me of someone. Yes, that woman in the woods. The one with the gingerbread house. 🙂 Great voice, I love this.

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