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Review: Light Tripper by Jo-Anne Tomlinson

June 19, 2019

About the book

In the 23rd century, bounty hunter, Sal Tripp is a girl with simple needs.

A decent replicated meal, a bullet-free head and keeping her ability to manipulate kinetic energy under wraps.

No easy task when your home is Morpheus, a sleazy band of planets populated by the scum of the outer systems or when your father is the infamous Morgan Tripp, a once proud pilot in the Planetary Alliance, now reduced to a drug addicted, has-been who owes credits to every gangster in the galaxy.

The upside? Light Tripper, their derelict ship. For Sal it is freedom and adventure, and when they get their hands on a new jump drive, it might even get them to Earth, which Sal has heard is beautiful and green.

That is until the day Light Tripper’s thrusters kick the bucket, delivering them right into the hands of the system’s most ruthless crime boss and crossing their path with a hardened soldier who knows far more about Sal and Morgan than he should. Then they find themselves face-to-face with the Planetary Alliance, who may not be the humble saviours the galaxy takes them for.

It’s up to Sal to clean up Morgan’s mess one more time and not get herself killed in the process. But with her powers evolving and the truths of her past threatening to undo her future, just who can Sal trust in a system where it’s every scumbag for themselves?

My thoughts:

What a fun space opera packed with explosions, fight sequences, space ships and time travel! Sal has secrets. So does everyone around her it seems. If you love a good fun sci fi then this one is the one to kick back and enjoy.

Rogues are a dime a dozen, but Sal is one of a kind. There is a war on only most of the universe doesn’t know it. When a mysterious stranger shows up first to save her life then to drag her further into the mire Sal – a cocky, young bounty hunter with nerves of steel and heaps of attitude (and a very cool weapon) – must decide whose side she is really on. Her own or the galaxy’s. Morgan… her drugged up space dad and Captain can’t be entirely trusted, neither can the gangsters or the locals. So who can she trust? Her fellow rogues, her dad, her ship or the dude that just keeps showing up?

Such a great tale. I very much enjoyed it.


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