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Of our own creation (Friday Fictioneers)

June 20, 2019
PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


It had to be a version of hell.

Or maybe purgatory.

Waiting… delays… public transport…

Everyone rushing to get places, rushing to be elsewhere, and stuck going nowhere fast.

Eyes cast down, focused on electronic devices, draining batteries and increasing neck pain and eye strain. Children running amok, ignored by adults and guardians supposed to be watching them, desperate for attention they will never receive.

I rub my hands together in glee. So much pain and suffering and all of it their own creation. I barely have to lift a finger. Humans have made hell, then put themselves there.

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  1. As Sartre said, hell is other people. Well-drawn, Laurie

  2. Dear Laurie,

    A favorite Twilight Zone episode of mine was where a neighborhood street had been cut off from the rest of the world. By the end of it, the neighbors turned on each other, accusing each other of being aliens. At the very end the scene cuts to two aliens observing the humans and remarking how they didn’t have to lift a finger to destroy the humans, under certain circumstances, men would destroy themselves.
    I know that was long-winded, but your evocative story was similar. 😉 Well done.



    • Yessssss exactly right though. Sounds like a good episode, I have to see if I can find it. I think, under the right circumstances humans are definitely the worst ! And even under good circumstances. The need for drama, ego and oneupmanship mean we create it willingly. Simply mad.

  3. I agree, a hell on earth and we brought it on ourselves. A good one.

  4. Well done and scarily true!

  5. gahlearner permalink

    So true, and well told. We need to learn what the good things in life are again.

  6. Yep, we’re making it very easy for him!

  7. So true, we suffocate in our own existence.

  8. You painted a scene most of us have experienced. Oh to be on the outside looking in!

    My FriFic tale!

  9. Abhijit Ray permalink

    Who am I? A robot or someone watching the earth from hell? May be he is right here, if earth has turned into hell.

  10. A good, well-written story, Laurie. Mr. Evil must certainly be enjoying what’s going on these days. Of course, there were never really “the good old days”. That’s a myth. —- Suzanne

  11. Exactly so. The big question is WHY do we do this to ourselves? Excellent evocative story.

  12. Hell is something of our own creation… the craning of necks giving bone spurs

  13. Wow. Perfect description, and human nature has not changed over time. The “good old days” were no better, no worse, then the days in which we live.

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