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Review: Priest of Lies by Peter McLean

July 2, 2019

About the book:

Tomas Piety has been many things: soldier, priest, gangster…and spy. As Tomas’s power grows, the nobility better watch their backs, in this dark and gritty epic fantasy series.

People are weak, and the poorer and more oppressed they are, the weaker they become–until they can’t take it anymore. And when  they rise up…may the gods help their oppressors. 

When Tomas Piety returned from the war, he just wanted to rebuild his empire of crime with his gang of Pious Men. But his past as a spy for the Queen’s Men drew him back in and brought him more power than he ever imagined. 

Now, with half of his city in ashes and the Queen’s Men at his back, the webs of political intrigue stretch out from the capital to pull Tomas in. Dannsburg is calling. 

In Dannsburg the nobility fight with words, not blades, but the results are every bit as bloody. In this pit of beasts, Tomas must decide once and for all whether he is truly the people’s champion…or just a priest of lies.

My thoughts:

OMG Peter McLean has done it again. Another masterpiece of grimdark fantasy that is a mix of The Godfather, Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings.

Book two is about secrets and lies. Those we tell and those told to us.

It is also about the power games that come with both secrets and lies. It’s violent and bloodthirsty and brilliant. When you have had no power all of your life then get all the power you can dream of…. what do you become?

Thomas Piety is now the Prince of his territory and unwillingly involved in a deadly spy game to prevent a war. Piety understands power and what it is to have none. He has had a taste and desires more in order to protect his people: The Pious Men, the gangs sworn loyalty to him and the people on the streets – his people, the ones who rely on him to keep them and their streets safe…

But at what cost? But what will it do to him if he gets the power he desires? And what will it do to those left behind?

Its a dark reminder of what war does to people, the soldiers in the war and the officers making the decisions that send those people to war. Of those left behind and of those who come back. Its about how people adjust or fail to adjust to life after battle. And about family. The ones we have and the ones we make.

Trust and lies and secrets revealed. Power corrupts – absolutely. And it’s coming for Piety.

A gripping, exciting, brilliant book two. I read the second half in the space of two days! I couldn’t put it down (but had to, to get to work). You can read my review of book one here




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  1. Brutal stuff.

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