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Review: Guardian of Empire by Kylie Chan

July 31, 2019

About the Book

The Dragon Empire is under threat … Kylie Chan, bestselling author of White Tiger, returns with the follow-up to Scales of Empire – imaginative, epic and a whole lot of fun.

Earth has joined the Galactic Empire, a vast interstellar society ruled by dragon-like aliens where everybody is immortal. Pain, famine and disease have been eradicated, but this doesn’t mean the end of conflict.

A cruel alien Republic has been watching from afar and wants to take the Empire’s progress for its own. Jian Choumali, ex-British forces and now Colonel in the Imperial space force, must fight to keep her friends, family and fellow citizens in the Empire safe. A brutal battle of skill and wits begins as Jian and her human colleagues attempt to combat the invaders — but with all their technology, enhancements and weapons in the hands of their enemies, the odds are stacked against them, and there is the very real threat of the destruction of the Empire itself.

My thoughts:

Continuing Kylie Chan’s unique story, Guardian of Empire is a fun, gender fluid, love fluid romp among the stars. And dragons… So many dragons. (In fact I kinda wish some dragons were on the cover). Those Goldenscales sound utterly delightful. And from folding to gate travel… this is a terrific science fiction to become immersed in.

The Empire’s war with the Cats reaches its peak, and humans are the target. Main character Jian is dealing with her children, her love life, her career and everything in between. A story of betrayal and lies is at the heart of this novel. Who can Jian trust? It seems both sides want a piece of her. And it make take losing her family to choose a side.

The world building in this series is extraordinary. The details of the dragon Empire, the Cat homeworld, class distinctions, politics and alien life is well thought out and comprehensibly seeded throughout the story. Truly unique alien lifeforms from telepathic octopus mothers, to energy beings, to insect mating practices… its a fascinating look into the priorities of life unlike our own.

And then there is the concept of death and what it means. If you have the chance to live forever – how do your priorities change? What does it mean for your love life if you can truly be with someone forever? And if you loose them… how do you go on forever without them?

I enjoyed book two. You can read my review of book one here

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