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Really, John? (Friday Fictioneers)

August 15, 2019
PHOTO PROMPT © Jan Wayne Fields

“Oh jeez!”

“John, what have you DONE?”

“Hun, its not what you think… you won’t believe it.”

“ … Go on, tell me what happened this time.”

“Hun, it was incredible. I just put the tent up to make sure I had all the parts ready for our holiday, and—”

“Yes… and?”

“Pixies… A whole host of pixies. Descended out of nowhere and tore everything to shreds. And the screaming, so much screaming. I don’t think we should camp at the hollow this year, dear.”

“ … “

“ … “

“Just say you don’t want to go, John.”

This is a Friday Fictioneers prompt

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Word count: 100

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  1. Pixies may not have been the most plausible excuse. Personally, I always go for outbreaks of bubonic plague

  2. Gwen M. Plano permalink

    Delightful! 😀

  3. Not sure I would believe John either, but then you never know…

  4. Dear Laurie,

    I think I’d have trouble believing the pixie story. 😉 Cute story.



  5. bearmkwa permalink

    That was a good one, Laurie! A unique excuse there, too.

  6. I don’t blame John. Have you ever tried to have a good nights sleep when the Pixie’s Party – they are at it all through the night. And..and the mushroom dust just gets up your nose.

  7. Methinks John is making his no way more complicated than necessary 😉

  8. Good try John, but I’m not sure you’ll get away with it! Then again I have come across the odd pesky pixie or two!

    My story – Gail’s Gazebo!

  9. Those darned Pixies will do it every time. Fun story, Laurie.

  10. Abhijit Ray permalink

    So John is blaming it on pixies this time! Run out of excuses, did he?

  11. John has a fanciful imagination! I LOVE IT – PIXIES! Funny and cute story!

  12. Enjoyable take.

  13. Ha ha – great dialogue and loved that last line!

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

  14. She sure didn’t buy the pixie story, but at least he won’t have to go camping 🙂

  15. Ah, ha, ha. Not his best excuse I’d guess. Now if they were like the Cornish Pixies in Harry Potter I might believe it. 😀 — Suzanne

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