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Hidden depths (Friday Fictioneers)

September 12, 2019

She needed some time for herself.

It was the same old thing. Again and again told to stay quiet, don’t show her anger, play the long game. At least here… lost in the pages of her fantasy where women could wield swords, ride dragons, be queens or soldiers or monsters, she didn’t have to give a flying rat’s butt to immature office head games. No wonder she preferred to disappear into a book’s cover and get lost amongst its pages.

The next day she breathed deep, plastered on a smile and returned to the game.

In her head, she screamed.

This is a Friday Fictioneers Prompt

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Word count: 100

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  1. A nice portrait of escapism. If you don’t mind a suggestion, it might be more powerful without the last line. We already know she doesn’t want to deal with the office head games

  2. Dear Laurie,

    I kind of agree with Neil about the last line, although it’s your call. We all have opinions, don’t we? I love the way she escaped the office by reading. Nothing is better than losing one’s self in the pages of a good book. Good one.



    • Oh I love the escape books offer, especially after tough or busy weeks. Thanks for reading, Rochelle 😊

  3. Like her, I wish I could just stay in my reading world all the time and not have to return to the real worlk. Nice take Laurie.

  4. Excellent, Laurie

  5. I can fully understand why she prefers life within the book to that outside, and I’m sure she’s a stronger person for it. Excellent.

    My story is a but click away!

  6. “she didn’t have to give a flying rat’s butt’, sums up her thoughts nicely. being in a job she loves is never going to happen for her.

  7. Tuning out is an acceptable escape.

  8. michael1148humphris permalink

    I enjoyed this,

  9. I think we all have times when we have to find an escape… a good thing she didn’t go to bag-in-box to escape

  10. Abhijit Ray permalink

    A perfectly painted picture of a corporate honcho. Showing emotion is taboo. At least she found a way to release her emotions.

  11. Poor child. What some families and/or communities do to their girls. No wonder they sometimes run away. —- Suzanne

  12. The situation sets my independent-spirited mental teeth on edge. Then I have to settle down and remember that in a lot of places, women are not free to make choices. They are constrained by their culture, perhaps their religion, and their families to do what women have always had to do.


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