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Review: Asylum Road by James L. Weaver

September 17, 2019

About the Book:

Nearly two years ago, former mafia leg-breaker Jake Caldwell had ruthless drug lord Shane Langston staring down the wrong end of Jake’s pistol. Instead of pulling the trigger like he should have, Jake let the law handle it. 

Now Langston’s escaped from a Missouri maximum security prison with a deadly goal – kill the men who put him there. With Langston’s crosshairs focused on Jake and his best friend, Sheriff Bear Parley, the duo must scramble to protect those they love and stop Langston’s bloody quest for vengeance.

As the hunt for Langston intensifies, Jake and Bear stumble upon a hard-nosed gang of bikers with their claws deep in murder, meth, guns and sex trafficking. 

Teaming up with some new allies to unravel the mystery and nail Langston, Jake finds himself caught up in a game of cat and mouse with some seriously deadly consequences. 

My thoughts:

James L. Weaver has done it again.

Jake and Bear are back and Asylum Road is full of explosive action, gripping tension and a plot you can’t predict. A brilliant edition to the Jake Caldwell series.

The plot follows on from the tag in book three… drug lord Langston has escaped prison and has Jake in his crosshairs. To keep his family safe Jake needs to find Langston before Langston find him. And it’s gonna get bloody before it’s done.

Weaver’s action sequences are a joy to read. Well written, pacey, clear to follow and gripping – I didn’t want to put this book down. I can absolutely see this playing out in a movie and boy what a great action thriller series this would be on the big screen (I just want to see and hear Jake and Bear’s dialogue bouncing back and forth in their car rides… !)

Jake is no cop and this book doesn’t need a hero – it needs a hunter.

If you are looking for a gritty action series, with epic shoot outs, chases, investigations into the dark underbellies of small towns and grudges that last until one’s last breath then this is the series for you. Get it now.

You can read my reviews of Book One, Book Two and Book Three here.


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