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Waiting? (Friday Fictioneers)

September 26, 2019
PHOTO PROMPT © Na’ama Yehuda

I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to glare at the man behind me, pointedly staring at his finger under he removed it.

“What are we lining up for?”

I faced front again. If he didn’t know, why was he lining up behind me? I focused on my cell phone, scrolling randomly through my feed, refreshing every now and then.

His throat cleared. “Excuse me. Why we are lining up?”

“Why are you? I mean, you must know. Why else would you be standing behind me?”

He didn’t have an answer to that.

The line shuffled forward. Finally.

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  1. Why indeed? I hope he doesn’t get a nasty surprise when he reaches the front of the line!

  2. We both worked the same foible

  3. Dear Laurie,

    Tell him to get his 100 words together before he gets to the front of the line. 😉 Cute.



  4. No one knows why they are lining up, thats the fun part, the madness of the human condition

  5. It would be amusing if the front of the line found itself joining the back of the line and it started walking round in a circle!

    Here’s my story.

  6. I know the feeling. I seem to attract people asking me for directions or other questions – I have to check the back of my jacket to see if there is an ‘Information’ sticker.
    Good story.

  7. The blind following the blind…

  8. Ah the mysterious queue-culture. I like how you threaded in the use of mobiles while waiting.

  9. It makes me chuckle that people would get in a line without knowing what it’s for. It could be for a very bad thing! 😀

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