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October 28, 2019

There is a light an electronic screen gives off that we cannot see. It’s been designed that way. I only discovered it by accident — well, not really by accident — deterioration and damaged DNA.

I was diagnosed little less than three weeks ago and since then its all gone downhill. I’ve lost a great deal of what I used to see – colors and the like. But what it did do was enable me to see something else. Something I’m not supposed to see. Something no one is supposed to see.

We’re being watched and we don’t even know it.

Who would believe me? Three weeks ago I wouldn’t have believed me either.

They’re after me now. Two days I’ve been underground, scurrying around avoiding all tracking, like a rat in a maze — only it’s my own escape I’m hoping to win rather than any kind of cheese. If I can, I will write again. If you don’t hear from me.

I’m sorry.

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