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Meanwhile, at the sanctum…

November 14, 2019
PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

After the battle for the sanctum all was quiet. Given so many of the fighters had super-strength the door was easily sealed with a heavy board. It wouldn’t stop the mechanical monsters if they returned, still, the looky-loos would be kept at bay. (the ones wanting selfies and autographs were the worst… and the hardest to eject). It also stopped the journalists sniffing for a story.

Once again, half the city had been destroyed. It seemed every evil henchman and insane assistant was trying to make a name for themselves these days.

They had time to rest.

For now anyway.

This is a Friday Fictioneers prompt

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Word Count: 100

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  1. I loved the idea of superheroes having to battle not only mechanical monsters but also selfie seekers. I think you’ve created a new genre

  2. It’s a thankless task 😉

    • Can you imagine it?

      • I’m watching a series called The Boys on Amazon Prime at the moment – about superheroes gone bad, struggling to deal with everyday life and a whole lot worse. It’s very entertaining!

      • Oh it’s on my list to watch ! Can’t wait.

  3. Dear Laurie,

    A very different take on the prompt. Selfie seekers and looky-loos? Love it.



    • Thanks Rochelle. They’ll always be someone clambering for a picture of the heroes with their masks on.

  4. Deepa permalink

    Nice read


  5. Sounds like the mayhem in Hong Kong. The world has gone mad and the henchmen are resting to licking their wounds and plan their next round of hell. Anyone for a selfie?

  6. Great take Laurie. I got poked in the eye by a selfie-seeker the other day.

    Here’s my story!

  7. Monsters, looky-loos, selfie seekers and journalists all dumped into one pot. Fascinating 🙂

  8. Alas, we no longer need a super villain to trash half a city; we’re far too good at it ourselves.

  9. OH the selfie invaders… sometimes you just have to refrain from being spectacular

    • Right? I mean after a battle you’d be sweaty, hair a mess, covered in blood. It’s not the greatest look for a photo

  10. Your story reminds me of the way the villains act in the TV series, Gotham. Good story, Laurie.

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