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Review: Esme’s Gift by Elizabeth Foster

January 10, 2020

About the book:

Terror was within. Terror was without.
Like her mother, she was at the water’s mercy.

In the enchanted world of Aeolia, fifteen-year-old Esme Silver faces her hardest task yet. She must master her unruly Gift–the power to observe the past–and uncover the secrets she needs to save her mother, Ariane.

In between attending school in the beguiling canal city of Esperance, Esme and her friends–old and new–travel far and wide across Aeolia, gathering the ingredients for a potent magical elixir.

Their journey takes them to volcanic isles, sunken ruins and snowy eyries, spectacular places fraught with danger, where they must face their deepest fears and find hope in the darkest of places.

Esme’s Gift, the second instalment in the Esme trilogy, is a gripping fantasy adventure for readers 12 years and over.

My thoughts:

Aha! Another fabulous story. Esme’s Gift is Book Two in the Esme Trilogy and just as fabulous as the first. I’ve recently found this series and it is so much fun. A joy to read.

Esme is a young girl torn between two worlds. Her mother and the magical world of Aeolia, and her father back in “our world” and Esme’s home. Esme is also learning about her Gift… the ability to “see” the memory of water (which is a unique and clever use of magic in a series). This is a terrific book two that continues the drama and excitement of book one with high stakes and gripping emotional choices.

I love the worldbuilding of this series. The magic, dragons, gifts and mysteries of Aeolia are spectacular, so detailed and imaginative. Esme’s relationships with her friends are realistic and genuine. Oh and the baby dragon? Awwwwwwwww! I keep wondering, what gift would I want?

It is a heartfelt series and I love it. Perfectly pitched at MG 12 yrs and over.


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