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What’s left but us? (Friday Fictioners)

January 16, 2020
PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

The greenhouses dotted the landscape. The last bastions of “local fauna.”

“I mean, it’s not really local local is it? Them earth plants didn’t original here. Shouldn’t we be growing the local stuff?” Chik-cek shook their hairy head.

His life partner Nek-la sighed through their second nose. “It’s the memories I think, dear.”

“It’s just not natural though.”

“Some of them are pretty.”

“Green, green and more green. What’s interesting about that?”

“They lost a lot of it. Fires and droughts and such.”

“Killed their planet and moved here. Mark my words. It’ll be us next.”

“Yes, dear,” they sighed.

This is a Friday Fictioneers Prompt

You can read more FF prompt pieces here

Word Count: 100

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  1. Oh, that ominous ending “it’ll be us next”!

  2. I’m with them – in no way should they trust these humans, they’ll strip their planet of everything!

  3. They are right to worry!

  4. GHLearner permalink

    This is just like us humans, appropriation of an inhabited planet and then forcing our culture and memories on the locals. It’ll be them next indeed. I would like to see them before they perish though. 🙂 (And I love the story).

    • Thank you! But yes I can so imagine it too. Coming in and taking over then destroying what they found… a score of planets across the universe. Destroyed one by one. It’s almost a Dr who episode !

  5. I love your world-building here, especially the aliens, where marriage ’till death us do part’ is an unavoidable reality!

  6. Dear Laurie,

    Where humans settle, disaster follows. Well done.



  7. We’re doomed! Nice one.

  8. That’s a fascinating creature you’ve designed. If I were an artist, I’d be tempted to draw what’s in my mind’s eye 🙂

  9. Laurie, I have to rate your story brilliant. You nailed it.

  10. A serious theme with plenty of humour. I wonder if in the larger scheme of things that life on Earth formed far enough away from other forms in the Universe for a reason – who trusts who?

  11. I am sure we would bring some terrible invasive species to overtake the local flora… after all, that’s what we have done on earth.

  12. People only bring their problems with them…

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