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Make a wish (Friday Fictioneers)

March 12, 2020

Looks alright, doesn’t it?

Lovely place. You can stand and watch the water flow for hours, just bubbling away, getting into people’s subconsciousness’s, convincing them they need the loo.

Once you couldn’t actually get near me.

Now, plenty of room… but no people.

Hard for a wishing well to get any coin, ya know… when there’s no people.

All died. No one left. I’ve got all these wishes to gift and no one to gift it too.

The water is cleaner than its been in centuries. Air too. It’s nice. Bit lonely. Birds though, yeah? Wonder what they’ll wish for?

This is a Friday Fictioneers prompt

It’s been a really tough week for me this week. My beloved Poppa passed away on Tuesday and everything hurts.

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Word Count: 100

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  1. Bleakly funny, Laurie. The well could try wishing for people and see if it’s able to grant its own wishes

    • Oooo now a there is an interesting idea. I wonder, if it could make wishes for itself what it would wish for?

  2. So sorry to hear of your loss, sending best wishes to you. Nice contemplative story, makes you think what we will leave behind once we are all gone…

    • Thank you Iain. It’s been a tough week.
      Huh, funny… I didnt think of it that way but that’s exactly the idea of this story. You’re right… what is left? What do we do now there is a void in our purpose. How do we adapt.

  3. Time heals they say. I can sense the loneliness in your story – best wishes.

  4. So sorry for the loss of your Poppa, Laurie.
    Story is good, though rather sad.

  5. Dear Laurie,

    I have to wonder who’s left to tell the story. So sorry for your loss.



  6. I’m truly sorry for your loss, Laurie. It’s only natural that there is an element of sadness in your story, which I enjoyed very much.

  7. A sentient wishing well, very imaginative. The birds will keep her company, what with bathing and drinking

  8. It’s nice to think that nature will be able to clean up our mess when we’re gone. A great story of hope. My condolences on the passing of your Poppa.

  9. As a lover of birds, I loved that last paragraph best. I’m so sorry about the loss of you Poppa. My parents died a few years ago, Mom first, Dad a few months later. Oh, the hole their deaths left in my heart. Hugs, sweetie.

  10. Sorry for your loss. Nicely penned.

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