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They did what? (Friday Fictioneers)

March 19, 2020
PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

“What’s that?”

“A car”

“A what?” She scratched her head.

“Land vehicle, people drove them.”

“What, on the ground? Why would they drive down there?”

He nodded, face serious. “Didn’t have flyers back then.”


“Nope… The cars drove on the ground and spewed exhaust into the air.”

“Ewwww gross.” She shook her head. “People in the past were dumb.”

“It was all we had back then. Petrol, gas, diesel. They moved to electric eventually. I still remember the smell. The roar. The tar road. Potholes. Burning leather.”

“Sounds annoying.”

“Hmmmm loud too. Ahhhh, those were the days.” He winked.

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  1. The nostalgia is a really interesting observation, Laurie. Like the way people now feel about steam trains

  2. It’s fun to imagine how we’ll be looked on by future generations, hopefully not too harshly. Nice one Laurie

  3. Funny how we change our views when we look back.
    Enjoyable read, Laurie.

  4. There will always be those who yearn for the old ways – i imagine quite a few classic cars will survive, even if just to sit in a museum.

    • LOL I’m sure they will… I’m looking forward to flying cars tho. Will fit all my spaceship fantasies! Haha.

  5. Dear Laurie,

    Those were the days…they weren’t always great, were they?



    • I sure think some were… then I remember driving around in a car without airbags, seatbelts or anti-lock breaks. And then I wonder how we all survived!

  6. Your story is an interesting observation on the widening gap between the generations. My grandchildren can’t imagine life without the internet and mobile phones. How long will it be before the pace of change prevents understanding almost completely?

  7. Just like before when they talked about the horse and buggy days… Good dialogue. I hope one day combustion engines are a thing of the past.

  8. And before the smelly, fuel-consuming, exhaust-spewing cars, there were hay-burning horses, leaving their droppings willy-nilly for everyone to avoid, attracting flies and stinking to high heaven on a hot day; needing daily grooming, feeding, horseshoe replacement and various and sundry other veterinarian issues. Most of us thought cars were a big improvement until they began to pile up in junk yards, in people’s barns and back yards, needing constant upkeep and fuel. . . . .well, generation will have its own good ol’ days, I guess 🙂

    • Yes indeed, then floppy disks, records, dvds, CD… changes can be weird when you think about telling children now what was ordinary then 🤣

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