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Review: Dragons N Antibodies by Linh Nguyen-Ng

April 1, 2020

About the Book

What if DNA is magic?

What if you can heal yourself simply by asking your blueprint?

Ambitious and focused, scientist Nathan Wu lives by proof and logic, rejecting the realm of the esoteric. But when his daughter becomes terminally ill and none of his research or experiments can save her, he is pushed to the edge.

Hopelessness propels him to the limits of reason, allowing him to see and converse with DNA-Dragons. His logical mind refutes this unbelievable possibility, but the father in him cannot discard the invitation to enter a portal that holds the key to his daughter’s cure. What is beyond the veil?

In desperation, Nathan plunges into an inconceivable quantum world of human biology that shows him what he could never prove, where diseased monsters attack him, and where his survival depends on the willing suspension of reason.

My thoughts

First up – LOOK at that glorious cover!

Linh is one heck of an artist I think you’ll agree. And this short story is an excellent read. A mix of science and fantasy with dragons. I mean, you really can’t ask for more.

Linh has created a magical world here with microscopic lifeforms brought to vivid life. It’s a journey-to-the-center-of-the-universe style story, if the universe was a human body. Such a brilliant concept. How the body works is as alien as to us as deep underwater or deepest space. This exploration is a fascinating answer to questions of “what if?”

Nathan is an interesting character. A scientist, desperately searching for a cure for his terminally ill daughter. A man of reason and education. His search takes a wondrous and mysterious turn when his own DNA starts talking to him. Following the dragons, he discovers an incredible world beyond imagination… and during his life and death adventure Nathan comes to a mind-blowing realization. This could lead to a cure for his daughter.

Or is he simply going mad?

What I love about this story is how vibrant and colorful this mysterious world comes across in the written word. The visualizations are stunning. Linh does a marvelous job of bringing the alien-ness of blood cells and virus’s and their destructive battles to life. A terrific read. I sure hope there will be more of this world to come in the future.


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