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Review: With Her Fists by Henry Roi

April 25, 2020

About the book

Clarice “Shocker” Ares retired from a sensational pro-boxing career to focus on her family and growing mechanic business. 

In an instant, everything she has worked for is shattered, when the police find a shipment of drugs in their shop, and wrongfully send Clarice and her husband to prison. Incarcerated and desperate after court appeals are denied, Clarice must become the Shocker once more, challenging rival convicts in a deadly prison fight ring to finance her escape. 

Battling alongside her, armed with his brilliant electronics wizardry, Clarice’s husband Ace manipulates the court system to arrange a daring prison break. When their abilities are put to the ultimate test, will they be able to exact their revenge – and regain freedom?

My Thoughts:

A story full of action, this intense drama follows recently retired female boxing hero Clarice “Shocker” Ares as she is wrongfully convicted of drug smuggling and sent to prison. It is only Clarice’s mental strength and mechanical know-how that get her through the long days inside. Husband Ace (a master hacker) is her only hope… But he’s in prison too. The plan is to bust out of prison and go on the run, but the men who put them behind bars are still out there. It then becomes a battle of skill and wits to find out who will survive and who will get their revenge.

Incredibly detailed, the boxing scenes / fight scenes are a delight to read. It’s full of bloody brutal boxing sequences, technical and mechanical macgyvering know-how and stubborn bloody-minded grit. It is almost like you are there watching the fight, hearing the shouts and grunts, smelling with sweat, tasting the blood. And then there is the prison tattooing…! An entertaining story. And if you love boxing I thoroughly recommend it.

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