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Keep running (Friday Fictioneers)

May 14, 2020
PHOTO PROMPT © Jan Wayne Fields

As disguise hats go, the pickings were slim. She waited until the seller turned his back and swiped the one at waist level along with the sunglasses and a shirt off the rack. Keep running. The mantra played over and over in her mind. The next turn took her into an alley where a restaurant back door led her through a kitchen, much to the staff’s alarm, into the seating area and a red booth at the back. Hat, glasses, and new shirt in place she slowed her breathing and waited.

Three figures ran past the window.


For now.

This is a Friday Fictioneers prompt

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Word Count: 100

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  1. Seems like a perfect disguise – no one is going to take anyone seriously wearing one of those hats! 🙂

  2. Am I wrong, or is running and escaping a recurring theme for you?

    • Hahahaha busted. You are correct. I do like a good movement piece. But you are right, I’ll have to try some staying in place pieces too.

  3. Safe for now but that ending leaves us with questions, questions that need answering.

  4. Dear Laurie,

    Hats and sunglasses make for good disguises. Just have to wonder what she’s running from and does she deserve to be chased? Good build of tension.



    • I think she certainly thinks she needs a disguise. Hopefully it works. Mind you. These days. She’d be obvious in an empty restaurant during lock down !

  5. I am left panting – who is she running from and why?

  6. ‘Hat’s off to her 🙂

  7. Found myself holding my breath for her. Now whatever is she running from?

  8. Glad she is safe for now.

  9. Living in that kind of fear would be horrible. My heart rate is slowly going back to normal!

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